Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oh, What to do...

I started the Anemoi Mittens. The directions are very detailed, and this is not the simple pattern you find in a magazine. It calls for things I have to look up to figure out. I first looked up the tubular cast on, then gave up on that and did my regular long tail cast on and it looks fine.

It calls for size 0 needles to do the cuff with. I am making a size large, since I have big hands, and the body is supposed to be size 2 needles. Since I am lazy by nature, I didn't swatch, it is a pain to do in the round, and I figure jumping in and starting is just as good as swatching. Right? It's only a mitten. I figured size 0 for the cuff would be too small, so I started with 2's. I'm using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. It seems thicker than I thought it would be and the band calls for size 3's.

The cuff uses 2 colors and with the red and white I chose, looks pretty good. Very candy cane like. However, it is too small. With the stranded two color ribbing, it doesn't stretch much, and I can't get it over my hand. Here is my dilemma. Do I--

  1. Rip the entire thing out and start over using 3's or 4's?

  2. Keep going and give them to a small handed person? (who?)

  3. Keep going and use them as a Christmas decoration (they are cute)

I'm leaning towards ripping the whole thing. It took me about 2 hours to do the cuff, slower because of the fiddling with the two colors. I'm not anxious to rip, but maybe I ought to bite the bullet.

Here goes.


Pat said...

Looks like you already decided - I think I would have ripped too. Those cuffs sure look pretty though, so I hope you are casting back on!
(If they were that tight on 2s, they would have only fit a finger on 0s!)

Cindy said...

I did rip them and redo them. I used 4's. They seem fine now. I reversed the colors, and now they are red with a little white. Probably more practical around the cuff area.

tiennie said...

I ripped, knitted them again, ripped them again and repeated over and over. Actually, I ended up binding off a couple of them and giving them to my FIVE YEAR OLD (they were that small) as wristbands for her to play with.

I liked that you changed around the colors to make red more dominant. Will look forward to seeing them!