Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Knitting

We celebrated the New Year here -

City of Alcatraz and

Lombard Street

It was very nice. Dined at Mooses and Joe DiMaggio's in North Beach (very good) and had ice cream with Maurice's Aunt Vera at Ghirardelli Square (soon to be a time share).

Yes, of course I went to Imagiknit. Could I pass that up? Here's the goodies I walked out with.

Some koigu for some socks, some hand dyed alpaca for something lucious (I thought the color combination was unusual and nice), some Debbie Bliss for Grace some mittens, some Noro Daria for a purse from Grumperina, and the cutest knitting needles with funky knobs on the ends. And some size 0 DPN's for good measure. And a little something I found for Tracy. Hmmm....

I had fun there.

I also knitted in the car, but still having trouble seeing the black giant sock. So I worked on my Lucy sock, and hooray, finished it! I will buckle down during good daylight and get the black sock done soon. Promise.

Then I have to do Lucy sock #2 and go back to the Trekking sock that needs a friend from before Xmas. THEN I can start something new. Next in line immediately are the mittens for Grace. She requested them, how could I say no? I should have done them for Christmas if I would have had an extra month that would have not have been a problem.

Speaking of Christmas, I forgot to tell about what Santa brought me--

Some Socks that Rock (I did mention that but here is the photo of the Rocktober colorway) and some new books. I LOVE knitting books. The cable book is by Melissa Leapman. I am taking her cable class at Stitches West. The Victorian Lace book author is going to be the opening speaker. I am counting the minutes until I am there.

What did you knit this weekend?


Pat said...

I am jealous!!! - mostly of your BEAUTIFUL yarn and the Victorian Lace book - also of the fact that you are in San Francisco and I am in MA where it is cold and dreary. I'll look forward to the knitted items from THOSE yarns - all of them!

Cindy said...

That's the trouble with posting pictures of the yarn you buy -- you are then committed to knitting it all up!

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention that I took the picture of Alcatraz from Aunt Vera's balcony.
Zoom was involved, but it was GOOD.