Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Note From Emily

Dear Mom,
I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I have observed you in your knitting moments, and speaking to fellow knitters. It all seemed normal, but then after doing some studying I realized something. You have been diagnosed with craziae yarnoptia, a rare disease where you are too obessed with knitting. The symptoms are feeling yarn, constant need to visit knitting web sites, and babbling about patterns. In this unfortunate situation, we cannot do much. We can only wait for it to pass.

Yours truly,
Insane Knitter Observers Corporation


Anonymous said...

Many of us have noticed this particular affliction. My sister has a really bad, bad case of craziae yarnoptia. I do think she should visit the first-aid station at Stitches in a couple weeks. Certainly they've heard of such a thing... possibly a cure can be found by increasing one's stash of goodies there at the show???

Anonymous said...

Emily what a great note. We have noticed your mom's symptoms but have been afraid to say anything. We all have to be very careful because craziae yarnoptia is very contageous. It takes a long time and lots of yarm for it to pass! Keep knitting.


Anonymous said...

hahahhahahaha !!!!!!!!

This is priceless !!!!!

Cindy said...

It is so not nice to make fun of peoples' disabilities.

It is much nicer to give them yarn.

Anonymous said...

Never fear, perhaps there is some type of twelve step program you can join. I just got home from your friend Shelly and my hair is looking pretty good. Thanks for the recommendation! L.

Tracylinney said...

Not only do we see right thru your attempt to get more yarn with the pity comment, (disabilities--my foot--you are proud of your craziness!!!) Furthermore, I am quite certain that you are positively giddy over Carey's solution of adding to your stash at Stitches, as a cure.....Hummmmm...does Maurice realize there is a conspiracy to add to the piles of fiber in your house???

Cindy said...