Friday, January 05, 2007

Socks in progress

I'm so bored of knitting the black sock. It has taught me a few things

1. I have knitting ADD. I am DYING to start something new. I can hear Maurice's voice echoing in my brain if I don't finish these now that he knows I'm knitting them. We have history in that regard (circa 1991).

2. I do not see well enough to knit black objects. That means my window of opportunity is very small, especially on rainy dreary days.

3. We need lamps. That would help the situation.

I have actually made some progress, and when I'm forced to knit something else because of lighting issues, I have been working on the toe up Lucy socks.

I decided toe up has its merits. It seems to fit really well and is a smoother looking sock. I haven't decided if I like it better or not. Maybe. I do like this yarn. Socks That Rock does rock. The coloring is fun too. Pool and Latte'. (inside joke). I feel like I need to go buy an outfit to match my socks. Only another knitter would understand that logic.

I have joined two new Knit a Longs. One is for First Toe-ups. I thought I would join with other kindred spirits to try something new. The site has a lot of tutorials with different methods. For the record, I am using Wendy Johnson's method, a la Wendy Knits, and a la Lucy the cat.

The other KAL is Project Spectrum. Starting in Feb, for each two month period of the year, we are to focus on a particular set of three colors, either alone or in combination. Feb/March is blue, white, and gray. I wish it was valentine colors, but I will attempt to stretch my color boundaries and learn something new. The Lucy socks would go nicely, but they will be done long before February starts. So will Grace's new mittens that are blue. They haven't been started yet, but if I wait until Feb, it will be too warm to wear them. California winter, you know. (Sorry Pat).

I'm not much of a gray or white person. I wonder if cream counts.

Anyway, I need to ponder these compelling topics later. Must press onward with sock.

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Pat said...

Hey - it's 65 degrees here today!!! ON January 6 at that...we are going out for breakfast without jackets this morning - You'd think it was CA!!
I've never used STR yarn. I put my name on the list for 2007 sock club, but just can't justify the 200+ dollars.BUT there is still time...tell me if it's worth it - Are you in the club or do you just buy the yarn?