Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Corded for a Sunday

This weekend was COLD! Perfect snuggle under a blanket and knit weather. I should be knitting a soft warm afghan to hold on my lap while I knit it, but instead I'm doing little projects. Part of my knitting ADD.

Sunday, I started and finished Corded, a little bag made from Noro Daria Multi, color 21. I used the 10 1/2 dpns as the pattern directed, and the dimensions came out perfectly. It is hard to tell from the photo, but it is little, 7" wide at the top. I plan to line it and add a zipper at the top. Then maybe I'll use it to hold my knitting "goodies" or something. It is too pretty to hide actually, so I'll maybe have to come up with another use. It feels really interesting too, almost wiry. I included an up close texture photo for good measure.

I'm thinking a black zipper, although I bought three different colors, and using the circle fabric I lined the inside of the bobble bag pocket with. I always end my sentences with prepositions. Maybe Carey needs to edit my posts. Are you listening, sister?

I'm also knitting a bunch of swatches from different fibers I have. I plan on playing "Name that Fiber" with the knitting elective girls. So far I have wool, cotton, banana silk (from SF last year) and hemp. I'm working now on mohair and I've got a few more to do. Then more searching to see what I can come up with.

I have gotten out the needles and yarn to start the Swirly Mittens (they are really called Anemoi Mittens). I will start them soon. I'm procrastinating. Why? I don't know.

I haven't heard from the hat person to get the pattern for the fur hats. Carey is also doing a charity knit of scarves. Maybe she'll post the details. Hint hint.


Anonymous said...

The picture is also a wallpaper.


Woman who knits said...

What a totally cool bag! Looks GREAT!!!