Friday, January 19, 2007

Good Things are Coming!

Our Good Things gals met last night and planned our year. Of course, we made sure we were well fed before we got down to business. Boy, are we good cooks (and crafters, and shoppers, etc.)!

Here's the plan --

Tues, Feb 6 - Tea Party at Cheri's, tea exchange, bring your favorite teacup
Monday, March 12 - Decorate cupcakes at Nola's, Cindy will organize the craft
Tues, April 17 - Scrapbooking canvas things by Carey and Tracy, at Tracy's
Thursday, May 10 at Tammi's, "Patriotic" gingerbread houses by Nola (Cindy on frosting duty)
Thursday, June 7 at Chrissy's, Summer gift exchange
Thursday, July 12 - Go to a movie or something, Carolyn and Lori organizing
Thursday, August 16 - Carey's house, Carey's craft (stamping? I might be wrong)
Tuesday, September 11 - Carolyn's house, Christmas is coming craft by Lori
Tuesday, October 16 - Cindy's kitchen, Tracy makes Pretzels by hand (yum)
Thursday, November 8 - Chrissy's house and craft (I missed what the craft was)
Tuesday, December 4 - Christmas gift exchange, cookie exchange, at Tammi's

Doesn't this sound like fun?


Suzelle said...

It sounds wonderful :) Enjoy......

tiennie said...

It does sound like fun!

Shelley said...

Sounds like you all have a great and fun year planned!

Anonymous said...

It sounds wonderful. I sure do miss the gang! I can't wait for the photo's!