Saturday, January 13, 2007

Warm Hands Warm Heart

I finished the second mitten this morning, just in time to be worn to the freezing gym to watch Alex's basketball game.

Grace's first reaction was, "Now make me red ones."

When I finish a project my immediate thought is "now what?" I get this feeling of empty space needing to be filled. Then I mentally go over what is next and I get overwhelmed with the list. For a split second the possibilities are delicious, then I remember which item on the to do list is most pressing, and then get going.

I think I will take out the "monkey on the back" that has been taxing my spirit, namely the watermelon cardigan for G that I started last year. Luckily I knew I was not speedy with finishing things so I started it in a size much too big for her last year, which should be about right now.

I looked at the pattern again this morning and it is easy. It is really interesting (at least to me) how I was choosing simple patterns then that I wouldn't even consider now. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the finishing part. Sewing seams by hand is a drag.

The cardigan will be my "mindless knitting" for use while doing social knitting, and I will start the Eunny mittens for use while I'm doing "concentration knitting" since I'm going to have to pay attention to the chart.

On the computer front, Blogger is finally ready for us to switch to the new version. Hopefully all of this will not disappear and nothing will mess up. Think happy thoughts.


Shelley said...

Great job on the mittens!

Tracylinney said...

Very cute-even though they are hearts--just kidding--I can't wait for the red & white mittens!!!! You are really cooking right along on projects these days--very impressive.

tiennie said...

Very sweet, she looks really happy with them!

Pat said...

Those are such cute mittens - the model is adorable too!

Anonymous said...

She seriously asked for red ones.....if you only knew that to begin with. I know that is what you wanted :)