Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jennifer knits...

My friend Jenn, Jackie, Janet and I got together last weekend so I could teach them how to knit. This wasn't my first teaching experience of the week. Just days before, I taught knitting to my friend Shelly. Armed with my trusty Stitch and Bitch book, I showed them all how to cast on, hold on to the yarn and make stitch after stitch. They all struggled a bit at first, but then they became like newly-born giraffes, wobbly at first, but trying with all their might to stand on their own two feet, completely unsure of every step. And then, miraculously, they've each taken off! Look at this progress:

Shelly: Stopped by the day after lesson No. 1 with a problem, but had a bunch of lovely knitting, all perfect in perfect rows! Called again to ask where I got the yarn she was learning with. She's somewhat of a perfectionist and has started again and again, got a knot and is now "fixing" it in her own special way.

Jackie: E-mailed in that she's knitted for hours and is making progress.

Jenn: My star student! At first she added stitches to just about every other row. She's now overcome that problem and has completed the scarf we started last Sunday. And, get this, she had two sets of needles so what did she do? She started another. She stopped by today to learn to cast off and is now the owner of not one, but two scarves! That's certainly not bad for a first week. Here she is, showing off her two scarves. I'm so proud!

(BTW... my boss even stopped me with a knitting question this week. She's on her first project and was struggling so we had an impromptu knitting lesson in her office! I feel like Cindy or something... teaching knitting everywhere I go like the pied piper of stitches!)

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tiennie said...

Great job teaching new muggles how to knit! You should convert more!