Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Marie-Ann's socks

I received an email from Sweden! Remember a few posts ago when I was commenting that I
wished I could thank the person who taught me to knit? Well, I got an email from her!! I hadn't heard from her in awhile, and through the magic of the internet, she has now seen my blog.

And she sent me a photo of the socks she knitted! Aren't they great!?! She commented that they were similar to the ones I knitted for Jean.

Today at Knotty Knitters, Lisa was convincing me that knitting is like multi-level marketing. If someone I taught to knit (Tracy) teaches someone else to purl (Natalie/Suzelle), I actually get partial credit for it. I REALLY like this concept. A lot. If you take this one step further, Marie-Ann gets credit for teaching me, Carey, Lisa, Suzelle, Tracy, Natalie, and around 50 others (mostly junior high girls) the gift of knitting.

THANK YOU Marie-Ann! We all thank you.


Anonymous said...

Marie-Ann also taught me to knit. While I never did finish that first sweater, I'm still knitting today (on other projects, of course). And, as of this week my Bible study class is starting an undertaking to teach knitting to some of the church's junior high-age girls. We plan to teach them to knit and work with them all year to knit scarves to give to the homeless next winter. I can't thank Marie-Ann enough for teaching me how to knit. I think about her and treasure the time I spent with the Fahlen family every time I knit a stitch.

Suzelle said... kill me...hahahaha !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marie-Ann,
I can't thank you enough for teaching Cindy to knit - it's a gift that has kept giving! I want you to know that Cindy took the gift you gave her and has shared it so generously with so many people. You must have been a great teacher, as Cindy is certainly the best knitter and knitting teacher I know. Thanks again to you, and to Cindy, for giving me the gift of knitting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
Finally I'm here! What fun to leave a comment (even if somewhat prompted). Thanks to you and Marie-Ann I am now an addicted knitter! Yes, I admit I have attempted to "teach" others (all under the age of 8) to knit, but the fun is really in sharing a common joy with loved ones. Marie-Ann did you have any idea what you unleashed so many years ago? What a wonderful gift. Thanks to all who came before me-I salute you (with a knit one and a purl two)!-Natalie

Anonymous said...

Marie-Ann thank you for teaching Cindy how to knit and also for being Mom to both Cindy and Carey while they were in Sweden. You are a very special person and we love you and your family. Best wishes for good health in 2007. Keep knitting!


Tracylinney said...

What obedient Knotty Knitters-It appears that I am the last to log on, and see that we have "homework" to do. Well, I am GLAD to recognize Marie-Ann as the Tree Top of our little knitting group. What fun we have getting together over our common Knitting-bond, no matter our skill level. I think it's eerie too, that Cindy & Marie-Ann's most recient sock projects both look so similar (especially when you consider the stash variety from which the projects come--the possibilities are endless)
Thanks Knitting Karma, for bringing our big world a bit closer together.

Anonymous said...

ditto, ditto, ditto !!!!! I truly LOVE knitting and knitting with Cindy, Nola, Lisa, Tracy and Natalie is icing in the knitting cake....thank you, thank you !!!!