Monday, January 15, 2007

Naughty Knitters unite!

Mini at the Minestrone Soup Blog is doing a knit for charity to benefit Childrens Hospital of Boston. Now, I realize we have a hospital here for children that would probably benefit from the same thing, but this one is an organized effort and a good place to start.

Anyway, knitters all over blogland are joing together to knit child cancer patients hats using fun fur or something similar. I have emailed Mini and she will be sending me the pattern, but I read that they take about an hour to make and they are done on fairly large needles.

Now, most of have to admit we went through our fun fur stage, and while fun at the time, it might not hold the same appeal now that we have discovered "the good stuff." Some of us may have been guilty of overbuying (who me?) and may have some lurking in the corners of our yarn stash not going anywhere. Here is the perfect way to rid, oops I mean do something positive with the yarn that we aren't that crazy about, but some child would be delighted with.

We can each knit a hat (or more) and I will send them to Mini to put together with zillions of other knitters and we can make a difference to a child.

There are prizes involved, and if we were to win, we can fight over who gets the spoils. If by some chance you don't have any fun fur, both Michaels and Joanns are having big yarn sales these days, and it is under $5. Not a bad deal.

I'll give you the pattern as soon as I get it. Then lets get knitting!


Tracylinney said...

Okay, I am game!

Anonymous said...

Count me in, but what is fun fur? Dare I ask? Natalie